Monday, May 09, 2005

Taking Pictures and Invitations

Delena and I Spent the weekend in wedding bliss! We went to the infamous Garden Park Wards in Salt Lake City for our wedding announcement pictures. Our wonderful photographer, Joe Markland (my dad), took tons of great shots. Some how we got there just before the rain fell. This is a fabulous place to get pictures done, they wonderful walls and pillars. Waterfalls, trees, flowers, bridges and rivers. We enjoyed every moment of the visit. You can take photos in the front the back, around the side. Everything about it was great.

The weather report said it was gong to rain but we got very lucky with weather and light. The next step was to get invitations ordered. We have went to Inkley's on 36th street and Harrison in Ogden, to have our invitations done and they have given us fantatic service. They have all new invitations to choose from so we hope ours will be unique from the traditional one you have seen. Everything about the location was good and they were very helpful, not to mention they gave us 10% off our purchase. We haved decided 500 invitiations should be good giving our Families 200 each and then us about 100. Of course we will have to email and call a few people and some will come to the website to check us out as well.

We are so excited everything seems to be coming together. This weekend we will be going to St. George to pick up the Wedding Dress and Finalize our St. George Reception.

UPDATE on UTAHBRIDES.COM: We will be on this Sunday May 14th at 10 pm. KJZZ Channel 14th watch for us!

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