Sunday, May 15, 2005

Say Big "D", little i - x - i - e. That Spells Dixie!

Delena and I just arrived home from a long but very productive St. George Visit or better known to all of us as DIXIE. So many things were completed with this weekends trip. The Nephi wedding decorations were finalized and so was the food. But of most of the time was spent driving in the HOT St. George sun.

We met with the photographer and she sounds wonderful, I really think she will do a great job. She gave us great tips on getting the family ready and some fun picture ideas. Main tip, make sure your family is ready and there on time for when the shots will be taken. If you say we take pictures at 4 pm then they need to be there at 3:30 because so many times do they end up waiting for one brides maid or something.

Delena picked up her dress (I have yet to sneak a peek), but she says she loves it. I also picked out my Tux. We went to Boulevard Bridal and Mr. Tux in St. George all their tuxes are $45 no matter what the style so we were able to get some unique selections for a good price.

Most of the decorations have been finalized and we picked out a lot of flowers. I really think the St. George wedding is going to be great! We can't wait for it all.

We will keep you posted thanks.


Anonymous said...

I seen you on the other night, and I was like....he looks familiar. Then I realized who you were. How exciting. So why is it that you are getting marrie in St. George when you live in Ogden? I know you went to College there. I know you, and you know my cousin, Hailey Wilkey. She is married now, and has a one year old daughter Lucy. She is adorable. Well I hope everything goes well with your wedding. The best of luck to the both of you. You make such a cute couple. You'll be very happy with each other.

BenJoe said...


Who is this? I must know.

Hailey and I have been friends for years! She is so great.

Well Delena's family is from St. George and that is where we met. Dixie really has soft place in all our hearts!

Thanks for visiting.