Monday, May 16, 2005

Experts Reveal: How to Get Your Man to Propose

I have decided to branch out the BenJoe and Delena Blog to bring more and more wedding advice to those who may be reading. I read this funny and unbelievable article on how to get that ROCK. So Enjoy the Article and keep posting your thoughts! - Foxlife - Fox Features - Experts Reveal: How to Get Your Man to Propose

I found this article to be true in some ways, but for me what scared me about marriage was talking about it. I think we had only dated about 2 months when Delena and I had our first conversation about it. People began telling her to get out of the relationship if she didn't see a ring by Christmas. This scared me to death! I was only 23 going on 24 and wasn't ready for that level of commitment! This article says that women don't talk about it enough and should talk more. Well everything in moderation! Delena and I talked about it off and on for about 1 and 1/2 years and then finally about a year ago I told a frustrated and write down all the questions she had for me and I would answer them with regards to our future. From there we decided to start seriously talking about marriage and prepare ourselves financially for the future. If I could do it over, I would do it the same! Nearly 3 years of dating and we are totally in love!


noelle feather said...

what temple again will you be getting sealed in? St. George? or Manti? either way, CONGRATS! :)

BenJoe said...

Great to have youvisiting the site.

We are getting married in the St. George Temple on June 24th! We are so excited.

Thanks again

Rebecca said...

Love Birds,
I am glad to hear things are moving along so well, that is to be expected with you two! I just wanted to say Hello.

How did the pictures turn out, was it hard to choose one?


BenJoe said...

The Pictures turned out great! Thanks it was so hard to choose, so our invitation will have 2 pictures on it.

Thanks again for all your help Rebecca!