Friday, May 27, 2005

Are you Registered Yet?

Two major events in the BenJoe and Delena Wedding Plans took place today. These events are:

  1. Delena had her Bridal's Taken
  2. We Registered

Delena was so excited today to get her bridals taken. Of course she went to the fabulous Inkley's Photography here in Ogden. She said (since I was not allowed to go) that they were fantastic and the photographer took some amazing pictures. Delena's Mom was able to come up and help. She is so happy and excited about the results.

Our second event as I mentioned earlier was we began our gift registry. This is actually a very long process. We registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Target. The both have the same system: Sign Up and then they give you a scanner to scan the items you want. Of course they give you a trusty guide to tell you what you need and how much (Or what they want you to buy). Make sure you have your colors decided for your rooms, etc otherwise it can be a long process. We ran into another couple out doing the same thing we were and they seemed just as tired. One problem for Delena and I is that we have lived on our own for so long we have many of the essentials so it was hard to decide what we really needed. People often tell us, "Pick what you wouldn't buy for yourself." But Delena and I are savers and are happy to save and buy what we want, at least right now in our life.

Here is where we are concerned though: How much is to much? Should we go cheap? Should we go expensive and hope for the best? Do we get lots of things or only a few things? These questions among others has worried us. We don't want people to get the store or go online and look at our list and say, "Who do these people think they are?". So any advice will be appreciated with this one.

Well we will continue to register this weekend and remember you can log on to the website to check it out if needed.



noelle feather said...

I think they are right, register for what you wouldn't buy for yourselves.

Don't worry if people think about you and your fiancee "who do they think they are?" If people think that, they might not be good friends anyways. I'm sure your friends are saying, "What can we get for the happy couple?!"


Jon_Eyre said...

One bit of advice I have for you, at least at Target is make sure you don't register for things over a certain amount (I can't remember if it is $75 or $100). The reason is when me and my wife went to return duplicate gifts (isn't that why you register so you don't get duplicates, but I digress) they wouldn't take back a microwave because they said we needed a receipt, so long story short we had to scrounge up the receipt from one of our relatives, which was kind of embarassing. Good luck, hopefully your experience with Target was better than ours. I've only recently been able to go back.

Melissa said...


When Josh and I opened our gifts after the honeymoon....I was so surprised at the stuff we received. We scored! Josh was quite sneaky and scanned some stuff I wasn't aware of...DVD player and TV. WE got both! Just have fun! My experience with Target was good...just keep those receipts and don't delay when exchanging or returning!

Good Luck, Melissa Case

noelle feather said...

What happened to the posts? :)