Friday, May 27, 2005

Are you Registered Yet?

Two major events in the BenJoe and Delena Wedding Plans took place today. These events are:

  1. Delena had her Bridal's Taken
  2. We Registered

Delena was so excited today to get her bridals taken. Of course she went to the fabulous Inkley's Photography here in Ogden. She said (since I was not allowed to go) that they were fantastic and the photographer took some amazing pictures. Delena's Mom was able to come up and help. She is so happy and excited about the results.

Our second event as I mentioned earlier was we began our gift registry. This is actually a very long process. We registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Target. The both have the same system: Sign Up and then they give you a scanner to scan the items you want. Of course they give you a trusty guide to tell you what you need and how much (Or what they want you to buy). Make sure you have your colors decided for your rooms, etc otherwise it can be a long process. We ran into another couple out doing the same thing we were and they seemed just as tired. One problem for Delena and I is that we have lived on our own for so long we have many of the essentials so it was hard to decide what we really needed. People often tell us, "Pick what you wouldn't buy for yourself." But Delena and I are savers and are happy to save and buy what we want, at least right now in our life.

Here is where we are concerned though: How much is to much? Should we go cheap? Should we go expensive and hope for the best? Do we get lots of things or only a few things? These questions among others has worried us. We don't want people to get the store or go online and look at our list and say, "Who do these people think they are?". So any advice will be appreciated with this one.

Well we will continue to register this weekend and remember you can log on to the website to check it out if needed.


Monday, May 16, 2005

Experts Reveal: How to Get Your Man to Propose

I have decided to branch out the BenJoe and Delena Blog to bring more and more wedding advice to those who may be reading. I read this funny and unbelievable article on how to get that ROCK. So Enjoy the Article and keep posting your thoughts! - Foxlife - Fox Features - Experts Reveal: How to Get Your Man to Propose

I found this article to be true in some ways, but for me what scared me about marriage was talking about it. I think we had only dated about 2 months when Delena and I had our first conversation about it. People began telling her to get out of the relationship if she didn't see a ring by Christmas. This scared me to death! I was only 23 going on 24 and wasn't ready for that level of commitment! This article says that women don't talk about it enough and should talk more. Well everything in moderation! Delena and I talked about it off and on for about 1 and 1/2 years and then finally about a year ago I told a frustrated and write down all the questions she had for me and I would answer them with regards to our future. From there we decided to start seriously talking about marriage and prepare ourselves financially for the future. If I could do it over, I would do it the same! Nearly 3 years of dating and we are totally in love!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Say Big "D", little i - x - i - e. That Spells Dixie!

Delena and I just arrived home from a long but very productive St. George Visit or better known to all of us as DIXIE. So many things were completed with this weekends trip. The Nephi wedding decorations were finalized and so was the food. But of most of the time was spent driving in the HOT St. George sun.

We met with the photographer and she sounds wonderful, I really think she will do a great job. She gave us great tips on getting the family ready and some fun picture ideas. Main tip, make sure your family is ready and there on time for when the shots will be taken. If you say we take pictures at 4 pm then they need to be there at 3:30 because so many times do they end up waiting for one brides maid or something.

Delena picked up her dress (I have yet to sneak a peek), but she says she loves it. I also picked out my Tux. We went to Boulevard Bridal and Mr. Tux in St. George all their tuxes are $45 no matter what the style so we were able to get some unique selections for a good price.

Most of the decorations have been finalized and we picked out a lot of flowers. I really think the St. George wedding is going to be great! We can't wait for it all.

We will keep you posted thanks.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Taking Pictures and Invitations

Delena and I Spent the weekend in wedding bliss! We went to the infamous Garden Park Wards in Salt Lake City for our wedding announcement pictures. Our wonderful photographer, Joe Markland (my dad), took tons of great shots. Some how we got there just before the rain fell. This is a fabulous place to get pictures done, they wonderful walls and pillars. Waterfalls, trees, flowers, bridges and rivers. We enjoyed every moment of the visit. You can take photos in the front the back, around the side. Everything about it was great.

The weather report said it was gong to rain but we got very lucky with weather and light. The next step was to get invitations ordered. We have went to Inkley's on 36th street and Harrison in Ogden, to have our invitations done and they have given us fantatic service. They have all new invitations to choose from so we hope ours will be unique from the traditional one you have seen. Everything about the location was good and they were very helpful, not to mention they gave us 10% off our purchase. We haved decided 500 invitiations should be good giving our Families 200 each and then us about 100. Of course we will have to email and call a few people and some will come to the website to check us out as well.

We are so excited everything seems to be coming together. This weekend we will be going to St. George to pick up the Wedding Dress and Finalize our St. George Reception.

UPDATE on UTAHBRIDES.COM: We will be on this Sunday May 14th at 10 pm. KJZZ Channel 14th watch for us!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Wedding Prep 101

Well, Delena and I have been all over the state the past few weeks and if it wasn't for our loving families we would be lost at this whole wedding thing.

Delena and I have chosen a Navy Blue and Pink as our colors. This is very exciting and we have already began planning around those.

We will be holding a Reception in St. George the day of the Wedding starting probably at 7 pm. Then the following day we will be holding a reception in Nephi at our parents home.

Tomorrow we will be taking pictures for our Wedding invitations and begin getting them out. If any of you would like an invitation please email me to verify your address.

The Nephi Reception is going to have a tent around the backyard, it is a 40 feet by 40 feet tent that we rented from Diamond Rentals, used to be "All In One Rentals". They actually didn't have the best service but they do have nice tents. So if you are looking for a tent go there, but don't get anything else from them. My Mom has been out look for more decorations and has really helped us plan for the Nephi Reception.

In St. George Delena's Mom has been helping a lot with the St. George wedding and they all went Dress Shopping together, (BenJoe was not included). So they say it is ordered and ready to go.

I will keep you all posted with our Invitations etc, also May 14th at 10 pm on KJZZ we will be on the show!