Saturday, April 09, 2005

More pictures of that wonderful night!

It has been nearly a week now since I have proposed. Delena is still on cloud nine and we are planning the wedding nearly everyday. We hope to have more info to post soon. It is official we will be getting married on June 24th in the St. George Temple.

I wanted to share with you some of the pictures of that night. To insure that the blog doesn't slow down I have posted them at another website, but you can click the links below to see them.
I hope you all enjoy these pictures! Delena and I are so excited.

Preparing to Propose I was on my knee for about 20 seconds waiting

The Big Moment She opened the door and I asked, She was so surprised!

She says yes w/a hug
She screamed YES! And gave me a hug!

The April Fools Box
The Box that started it all!

Delena Checks our her ring She can never get enough of it!

The Best Man My Brother Clint and I

Delena shows off her ring Every chance she gets she shows it off!

We are planning on two receptions one in Hurricane and one in Nephi both in our backyards! So keep June 24th and 25th open on your calendars!


Anonymous said...

Hey, this is the first blog I'm reading on wedding and all.. Its a cute happening... Have ahappy Married life...


noelle feather said...

Congrats! I love the St. George Temple--I wished I lived closer to it! I live about an hour from the LA Temple--and that's on a good day with no traffic! CONGRATS! :)

noelle feather said...

PS...your links don't work on the first page!

BenJoe said...

Thanks for the posts Princess and Prasanna,

I have been using Yahoo to host my pictures and after awhile they stop working if we get a lot people using them. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you here more!


BenJoe said...

I finally switched to Hello so we should be working now!

Thanks Again Princess for your visit!

noelle feather said...

sure! your site is the envy of mine! maybe you can help me figure out how to put pictures on here! has your fiancee been on your blog here? oh, and by chance do you have any single LDS friends in California? :) just kidding. best wishes--for now and the rest of forever.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Wedding. This blog has given us some great ideas for ours. We'll be sure to send you an invite. Much love,
Phil and Liv soon to be Kern

BenJoe said...

Phil and Liv,

It is so amazing to hear from you both! Thanks for visiting the site and for posting! We hope you continue to come back!

Anonymous said...

BenJoe and Delena!! I Love you pictures, It must have been an awesome night! Delena, you look awesome in your pictures! Mike and I are arking June 24th off in our calander. I'm so excited for you two!! love, Rebecca

Splat ! said...

This is still just so nice. I love the pictures! And congrats on the Utah thing!