Thursday, April 21, 2005

Delena will be on TV Saturday April 23

That is right Delena is going to be on TV this Saturday during Sports Beat, on KSL Channel 5 at 10:30 pm.

Delena was selected to cut a Weber State Basketball Player's hair. He has been growing it out for months to donate it to the "Locks for Love" Charity, they make wigs for cancer patients.

Watch Live and see Delena the Star and then Look for us on UtahBrides.Com on KJZZ at 10:00 pm.


Saturday, April 16, 2005 - WE WILL BE ON TV!

A few days ago and we decided to email and see what they thought about our blog/website. For those of you that don't know they do a show every every Sunday helping couples with their wedding plans. We thought it was a cool idea for a future show and maybe there are lots of other websites like ours out there that they could spotlight.

The next day while we were golfing we received an email that said, "WOULD YOU BOTH LIKE TO BE ON THE SHOW!" We were so amazed! Of course we said yes; so a few days later we were in the studio filming an episode of! Who would have thought this blog would come so far!

Heather Beers
, from Charly and Baptists at our Barbecue, hosts the show every Sunday Night on KJAZZ channel 14 at 10 pm. She interviewed us and asked me how I came up with the idea for the website, about all the people from all over the world that have come to the site, and of course how we got engaged! I was so anxious I think I cut Delena and Heather off as I was talking, I hope that doesn't show! Either way, we had a fantastic time and we were so excited. They said it will be on in the next couple of weeks!

We also got to meet Kirby Heyborne from Singles Ward, The RM, The Best Two years, etc. He was so funny! Kirby was on the show to talk about his new album, "Inside" You can go to his website and check it out at I have been listening to it and I love it! Here is an article on his album from The Daily Herald. Read Article

We gave Kirby our web address, we hope he checks out the site as well!

Here are some photos of us at the studio. We didn't have a digital camera so I am working on fixing the lighting on some of the photos because the flash didn't work.

"Heather, Delena and BenJoe"

"Kirby, Delena and BenJoe"

"Kirby and Delena posing for an 'engagement' photo"

Well anyway, we felt so special to be on the show and we thank Robin the Executive Producer, Heather and everyone else for being so wonderful to us and for letting us be on the show. Like I said, it will be on in a couple of weeks, we will keep you posted as to when.

BenJoe and Delena

Saturday, April 09, 2005

More pictures of that wonderful night!

It has been nearly a week now since I have proposed. Delena is still on cloud nine and we are planning the wedding nearly everyday. We hope to have more info to post soon. It is official we will be getting married on June 24th in the St. George Temple.

I wanted to share with you some of the pictures of that night. To insure that the blog doesn't slow down I have posted them at another website, but you can click the links below to see them.
I hope you all enjoy these pictures! Delena and I are so excited.

Preparing to Propose I was on my knee for about 20 seconds waiting

The Big Moment She opened the door and I asked, She was so surprised!

She says yes w/a hug
She screamed YES! And gave me a hug!

The April Fools Box
The Box that started it all!

Delena Checks our her ring She can never get enough of it!

The Best Man My Brother Clint and I

Delena shows off her ring Every chance she gets she shows it off!

We are planning on two receptions one in Hurricane and one in Nephi both in our backyards! So keep June 24th and 25th open on your calendars!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Spreading the News

Delena and I just got off a 2 day road trip through Utah sharing the wonderful news of our engagement. I have never seen Delena happier(and she is a pretty happy girl).
Friends and Family have been calling all weekend and it is has been such a joy to show everyone Delena's ring. We drove nearly 6 hours to St. George to show Delena's Family and then we spent the evening with mine. They were all very excited and happy.

Tomorrow we will begin finalizing a Date and hopefully by Wed. We will have one. Of course we are anxious to get this done so we are looking at the end of June.

Many of who have asked me for weeks about Pictures of the ring, now that Delena has seen it I am ready to post some, I will post more pictures later of the actual proposal and engagement.

Here are the Ring Stats:

  • .52 Center Diamond (1/2 caret) "0" Ideal Cut. SI-G
  • 5 Diamonds on each side for a total of 10 or 11 with the center diamond
  • 14k White Gold Band
  • All from Craig at Farr's Jewelry

Well, now it is on to wedding plans! We have lots of great ideas and welcome all the rest. Feel free to email us or even post to the website.

Thanks again!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

She said YES!

We just got back from the wonderful date! Everything went perfect like clock work. I couldn't have done it with out Clint and Valerie and also Jen Wozab. The whole night Delena was telling me how she had pulled the best April Fools Joke on me by telling me earlier she couldn't make it to the date. But I kept saying I was going to get her back! And I did!

To give you a quick run down, every element of the date went perfect and she left convinced that I was not proposing and that I had to still keep looking. I told her I had yet to ask her dad, going to look for rings really threw her off and then I sealed the deal by giving her the concert tickets. She was so happy! I also mentioned that I was going to try and talk to her dad this weekend to help make sure she had no idea.

When I was running to the front door step I could hear her opening the package and then she ran to the door, I was shocked at how fast she opened it. I said "Will you marry me"? She sat there for a second and then screamed! YES YES YES and hugged me, she then asked if it was all for real or was it an April Fools Joke. But no it was all for REAL!

Well we are now together and she loves the ring, we will post some pictures, etc in the days to come.

Here is Delena:

I can't even begin to describe the feelings I am having right now this is so fun! I will NEVER forget the look on his face when I opened the door and he asked the me the question I wanted to answer so much. I have never her his voice in such a high pitch!
Its been so fun to read all about what's been going on behind my back. It really made the moment even better to be able to read and talk about the details the last hour or so is such a blur I am so grateful to have all this written down!! What a wonderfully thoughtful thing to do! I really feel like a queen. I felt like a queen since our first date! I am so glad he has chosen me to be his wife.