Thursday, March 31, 2005

My Last night!

Clint, my brother, said it best--Tonight is your Last Night as bachelor. Though technically I haven't been single for a long time, tomorrow night will be the beginning of the rest of my life. I am very excited. I had been very nervous the night before and this morning but after I picked up the ring I seemed to calm down.

Clint, Valerie, Jen Wozab, and I went through the final details of the night and did a run through. Everything is set and ready to go. I also called Delena's family to warn them and told them not to say anything.

Delena seemed a little fishy as if she may know something so I will have to play extra hard to make sure nothing leaks out tomorrow. Well, thanks for everything guys!

Starting Saturday this site will turn into a joint BLOG for Delena and I, I will let her post as well so we can update you all on our wedding plans.



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Darrell & Jodi Lewis said...

It is actually your last night of no progress, tomorrow should be celebrated as you twos first day towards total freedom, think about it.

We are excited for you both and look forward to seeing you two together creating an celestial life. Never lose sight of how much fun it is to share a life together.

Love Dad (Darrell)