Saturday, March 05, 2005

Finding the right ring

Well I think I have found the right ring. This is a lot harder than I
thought. I did go to Farr's Jewelry after many suggestions, but I felt like
the service I got was fairly poor. After telling a few people this they
suggested I go back and talk to Craig White at Farr's. I called him and he
did a fantastic job. I really felt like he took care of me. We looked at
all sorts of rings! It seemed like I was there for hours. We finally
narrowed things down to the right type of ring. I was worried that it still
might not be the one, but probed Delena a little more to see what she would
like and I think this is about it.

So I believe I found the ring I want but I will need to see if I can get him
down in price. If I am successful I think we will be getting engaged here
soon. We are checking on some diamonds and Craig is going to call me on
Monday. Hopefully we can move down in price!

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