Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Asking the Father

I am posting this right after I have asked Delena's Father for her hand in marriage.

The original plan was to fly down to St. George during work one day and surprise Delena's father, Darrell, with the question. But surprise Delena's Family decided to come to Salt Lake for the a few days. Tonight we all were hanging out and Delena had to leave early. Next thing I knew I was alone with Delena's dad and I saw my chance. I moved and asked the question:

Can I have permission to marry your daughter?

He was surprised when I asked, but very glad I asked. He said he was glad I was traditional and that I had asked. I wanted to show him the respect he and Delena deserved. He of course gave me the permission and we went on to talk for 2 hours about Delena and I and the progression we have made.

Delena called two times while were talking. I had to push her calls to voice mail because we were still talking. Darrell gave me some great advice about marriage and I think we became much closer tonight.

I am glad that we were able to talk and I learned a lot from our conversation. I also let him know about the website but told him to keep everything a secret but he could tell Jodie, Delena's mother.

Well more will now be visiting the site and I invite you all to post comments. I would also like to hear peoples Wedding proposal ideas!



Clint said...

Valorie and I both agree that asking her father was a very good idea. Valorie said that it showed alot of respect to her, and her family. I said "Holly Crap" its about time.

Val and Clint

BenJoe said...

Thanks for the Comments Clina dna Valorie! You are right, it is about time!