Saturday, March 19, 2005


Many have been asking me how I am going to propose. My idea has gotten some mixed reactions so I decided to post my idea on the Blog and also run a Poll to see what you all think. Please feel free to vote as often as you like, but if you vote no or have a better idea, post it here or send me an email.

My Idea:

I have already told Delena to get April 1st off of work. I told her I got free tickets to a play on that day in Salt Lake. I also told her that we should dress up and go to Dinner and then the Play. BUT, I have to be home early because of a service project I have at work the next day. My idea is to pick Delena up in a Limo for dinner(this will make her really wonder). Then through out the night, dinner, the play, etc I will say things like, "I want to ask you something." But I will never finish the questions like she wants, I will say things like, "I am going to take some new responsibility at work, what do you think," or "We should plan a trip to St. George." Finally we will go to Temple Square, and I will bend down on one knee and then say, "Sorry my shoe was untied."

Finally I will take her home early and say good night. I will then have something in her room a big present or something that says: April Fools, your real present is outside!

I will then be on the porch, on one knee already to ask!

What do you think? Some say it is harsh, others say she will love it! I need your help on deciding, use the poll to the side of this post to give me your vote!


Splat ! said...

Hi BenJoe.. I just stumbled upon this blog (that's what a boring saturday night brings you) and I couldn't help but become enchanted. Nothing is greater than love and I think your idea for the marriage proposal is great. Any girl would love that. Some guys use the "Hey, babe, wanna marry me?" line in between the commercials of a football match - so Delena is very very lucky. I wish you both the very best of luck.
- Splat !

BenJoe said...
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BenJoe said...

I messed that last comment up!

Here it goes

WOW! Thanks Splat, I am so glad that you came to my/our Blog and posted. One thing I know about Delena is that she deserves "roman ce". In fact all women do! Men don't do enough of it these days. I hope to give Delena everything she deserves. I invite you to keep coming back to my blog, Once we get engaged I will show her this blog and then together we can begin posting as we plan for the wedding. Also next week I will be posting pictures of the RING! Thanks again for you post and for stumbling on to my blog.

Nothing is greater than love, especially when it lasts forever!


Splat ! said...

I will keep coming here.. Actually, I forgot to bookmark your blog last night, so I couldn't find the address anywhere. All of a sudden I remembered the address - and I usually don't remember that good, hehe.
I once saw Oprah Winfrey (don't laugh!) about the most romantic men.. I just sat back and wondered how come I only fall for guys whos most romantic thing to do is to NOT pinch your boob so hard that you cry. I live a sad life, come to think of it. heh.

Anyways, I will bookmark this site now and come back regularly. I can't wait to see the ring. Can you post a picture of her perhaps? And you? Together?

I love love.

- Splat !

BeibY said...

HolA!...SupongO Ke El NicK BenjoE Es PoR GooD Charlotte No?...

Si Es AsI...TariA BuenO Ke PongaS UnA Ke OtrA FotitO...EjjE...

EsO ErA...

If YoU Don´T UnderstanD My SpanisH, JusT TelL Me!..ok?



BenJoe said...

Splat and Beiby thanks for your posts. I will get some pictures up ASAP. Beiby, muchas gracias por tus comentarios. Yo si hablo espanol y es un placer de tenerle aqui!


Anonymous said...

I love the proposal idea. It will be a great story to tell the kids.