Thursday, March 31, 2005

My Last night!

Clint, my brother, said it best--Tonight is your Last Night as bachelor. Though technically I haven't been single for a long time, tomorrow night will be the beginning of the rest of my life. I am very excited. I had been very nervous the night before and this morning but after I picked up the ring I seemed to calm down.

Clint, Valerie, Jen Wozab, and I went through the final details of the night and did a run through. Everything is set and ready to go. I also called Delena's family to warn them and told them not to say anything.

Delena seemed a little fishy as if she may know something so I will have to play extra hard to make sure nothing leaks out tomorrow. Well, thanks for everything guys!

Starting Saturday this site will turn into a joint BLOG for Delena and I, I will let her post as well so we can update you all on our wedding plans.



Tomorrow I pop the question

Last night as I was watching a movie with Delena it hit me that we will be getting engaged on Friday. For the first time I got nervous and anxious for the proposal part to be over with. She told me her boss thinks she is getting engaged on Friday night but she knows me really well and knows it won't be happening anytime soon. Then she talked to me a few minutes ago and told me she doesn't think it is going to happen in time for June (when she wants to get married). She acted really frustrated because she thinks I am waiting for at least two more weeks. I told her not to worry and we could talk more this weekend when we see her family. Little does she know that on Friday night I will be popping the question! I am very excited and scared!

Here is the run down:

She knows about the entire date, but thinks it is just for fun.

  • 6:30 pm Limo picks us up and takes us to Salt Lake
  • 7:30 pm Reservations at the Roof Restaurant
  • 8:30 pm Temple Square and Carriage Ride
  • 9:30 or 10:00 pm Free Time
  • 10:00 pm Head Home
  • 10:30 pm Drop Delena off and give her surprise Concert Tickets and tell her this is the gift she has been wanting for a long time.
  • 10:35 She goes into bedroom and sees the Giant Present, inside saying April Fools your real present is outside.
  • 10:35 and 10 seconds, she comes outside and I will be ready to propose!

Not to technical with plenty of time to waste! Clint will be also dropping by tomorrow to through her off the trail. As well as we will try and go ring shopping that night.

Wish me luck all!

Monday, March 28, 2005

5 Days and Counting

Well, Friday is the day and I am starting to get very anxious. I think Delena will be very surprised. Plans have changed a bit thanks to all of your emails and comments. I have decided to tell Delena about the date, about the limo, everything. Then take her ring shopping the day before and the day of. Plus my brother, Clint, will tell her that he thinks I have found the ring so be prepared for it in the next few weeks. This way she will have no idea about the ring but suspect it to me super romantic. Then at the end of the Date I will give her tickets to a country concert she really wants to go to. I told her the tickets were sold out but I actually bought them last week. At the end of the date I will say, "I want to give you something you really want and will really like," Then give her the tickets. Then at her house she will have the April Fools Gift telling her to come back outside.

Well, She mentioned last night that she didn't think I would be proposing for awhile, when I mentioned where we were going to dinner she said isn't that a popular place for people to propose. I said, "Yes, but I won't be proposing there," She said, "I know, I don't expect you to propose for a few more weeks."

So I know she will be surprised. Well, Thanks to everyone for your support. Just to let you know this Blog will turn into a Wedding update Blog after the engagement. Delena and I together will post information as to our wedding plans to help you all stay informed.

Thanks Again,


Monday, March 21, 2005

Do you want to see a picture?

I have received a lot of emails and comments for pictures of Delena and myself. I will work on getting some up. For now I thought I would post my favorite of us. This photo was taken on her last birthday.

Thanks everyone for your posts and don't forget to vote for the wedding proposal idea.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Many have been asking me how I am going to propose. My idea has gotten some mixed reactions so I decided to post my idea on the Blog and also run a Poll to see what you all think. Please feel free to vote as often as you like, but if you vote no or have a better idea, post it here or send me an email.

My Idea:

I have already told Delena to get April 1st off of work. I told her I got free tickets to a play on that day in Salt Lake. I also told her that we should dress up and go to Dinner and then the Play. BUT, I have to be home early because of a service project I have at work the next day. My idea is to pick Delena up in a Limo for dinner(this will make her really wonder). Then through out the night, dinner, the play, etc I will say things like, "I want to ask you something." But I will never finish the questions like she wants, I will say things like, "I am going to take some new responsibility at work, what do you think," or "We should plan a trip to St. George." Finally we will go to Temple Square, and I will bend down on one knee and then say, "Sorry my shoe was untied."

Finally I will take her home early and say good night. I will then have something in her room a big present or something that says: April Fools, your real present is outside!

I will then be on the porch, on one knee already to ask!

What do you think? Some say it is harsh, others say she will love it! I need your help on deciding, use the poll to the side of this post to give me your vote!

Friday, March 18, 2005

I am so lucky!!! (or do I know her well enough)

I am not just lucky because I have Delena in my life, but also because I think I for sure choose the right ring! In preparation for my wedding proposal I decided to take Delena looking for rings one more time to throw her off the sent that I had already purchased the ring. We went to a few places and at one shop she picked up a ring very similar in shape to the one I choose (except the diamond was raised and small) she mentioned she really liked that style and went on to try 2 or 3 very similar rings. So I feel very confident about my ring choice!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Asking the Father

I am posting this right after I have asked Delena's Father for her hand in marriage.

The original plan was to fly down to St. George during work one day and surprise Delena's father, Darrell, with the question. But surprise Delena's Family decided to come to Salt Lake for the a few days. Tonight we all were hanging out and Delena had to leave early. Next thing I knew I was alone with Delena's dad and I saw my chance. I moved and asked the question:

Can I have permission to marry your daughter?

He was surprised when I asked, but very glad I asked. He said he was glad I was traditional and that I had asked. I wanted to show him the respect he and Delena deserved. He of course gave me the permission and we went on to talk for 2 hours about Delena and I and the progression we have made.

Delena called two times while were talking. I had to push her calls to voice mail because we were still talking. Darrell gave me some great advice about marriage and I think we became much closer tonight.

I am glad that we were able to talk and I learned a lot from our conversation. I also let him know about the website but told him to keep everything a secret but he could tell Jodie, Delena's mother.

Well more will now be visiting the site and I invite you all to post comments. I would also like to hear peoples Wedding proposal ideas!


Monday, March 07, 2005

What a purchase!

Man, I will tell you buying a ring is not an easy job.

I spoke with Craig at Farr's tonight and I told him of some places that I had seen similar rings for cheaper. Mom gave me a suggestion of looking on some websites so I could have some good amo!

Well I I was able to bring the ring down $570 which enabled me to purchase a little bit bigger diamond. I am excited and told Greg to do it! Now it is all about figuring out how to ask Delena!

I have a few weeks so I any ideas feel free to send them!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Finding the right ring

Well I think I have found the right ring. This is a lot harder than I
thought. I did go to Farr's Jewelry after many suggestions, but I felt like
the service I got was fairly poor. After telling a few people this they
suggested I go back and talk to Craig White at Farr's. I called him and he
did a fantastic job. I really felt like he took care of me. We looked at
all sorts of rings! It seemed like I was there for hours. We finally
narrowed things down to the right type of ring. I was worried that it still
might not be the one, but probed Delena a little more to see what she would
like and I think this is about it.

So I believe I found the ring I want but I will need to see if I can get him
down in price. If I am successful I think we will be getting engaged here
soon. We are checking on some diamonds and Craig is going to call me on
Monday. Hopefully we can move down in price!