Saturday, February 12, 2005

How we first met.

Well, since my old friend Melissa came to my Blog yesterday and asked how Delena and I first met, I got to thinking. Maybe you all would like to see. So here is the story.

While I was Student Body President at Dixie State College, I had an assistant. Her name was Carolyn Toone. I guess I have to give her some credit for introducing me to Delena. One night around 7 or 8 pm I was in my office doing some work. Suddenly I heard our office door open and In walked in Carolyn and her two friends--Lisa and Delena. I quickly got to know them and we all began talking. Delena(I thought from that very moment)was very attractive. But I noticed right away she was wearing a wedding ring. If I can remember right, she had on a purple shirt and gray dress pants. I even think she had a suit jacket on, but I can't remember.

Well we all began talking and I was staying away from flirting with Delena because of the ring. Then she began flirting with me! Suddenly she mentioned that she worked in the Jewelry Department at Sears and wore the ring to keep guys from hitting on her at work. The Door Opened! We began to flirt back and forth. The topic of cell phones came up and I at the time was selling cell phones so I began to sell her on a phone. As we all said good night, I gave her my number to call in case she wanted a phone and then decided to get hers to follow up. Just as I wrote her number, I realized, I NOW HAVE HER NUMBER!!! So, I said, "Maybe I will call ya sometime." She smiled and said it was ok if I did.

Well the rest is history, We went out a few times for about 2 weeks and then we started dating! 2 years later here we are.

I love her so much!


Melissa said...

BenJoe, Thanks for the story on how you met Delena. I'm so happy for you both! When you finally pop the question...I want details. I think you know that. By the way thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

I'll keep watching to see the next post.

Darrell & Jodi Lewis said...

I didn't know this, thanks