Sunday, February 27, 2005

Just Spending Time Together

Delena is speaking in church today! She is a little nervous but I think she will do fine. She came over last night and read me what she has prepared and it was fantastic! She is speaking on institute and why we should attend. Just then I remembered why Delena and I started going to institute. We started last year going to a Marriage preparation Class. We loved it so much and it was a fantastic opportunity to be together and learn about the gospel. We learned so much and really loved our teacher. I highly suggest that anyone thinking about getting married should attend one of these classes, it really can open your eyes to a lot of wonderful things.
The time we spend together doing the things of the gospel have been so meaningful to me, we really have grown closer each day because of this. Last night we spent a few hours going back over her talk and adding some scriptures and quotes to give it a little umph! It was so fun working together on the things of the gospel.

Delena has an amazing testimony and I am so glad to be with her.


We just got home from church and I will tell---Delena did an amazing job. I was so impressed with her talk. Hands down hers' was the best talk given today in church. In fact I am not sure anyone even really prepared their talks as diligently as she had. I was very proud of her, I wish you could have all been here to see it. As she gave her talk and we went through the day, I realized that March was the month. I need to plan this month to formally get engaged with Delena! AHHH!! That is so scary, but I am ready and it is time.

I will keep you all updated!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

How we first met.

Well, since my old friend Melissa came to my Blog yesterday and asked how Delena and I first met, I got to thinking. Maybe you all would like to see. So here is the story.

While I was Student Body President at Dixie State College, I had an assistant. Her name was Carolyn Toone. I guess I have to give her some credit for introducing me to Delena. One night around 7 or 8 pm I was in my office doing some work. Suddenly I heard our office door open and In walked in Carolyn and her two friends--Lisa and Delena. I quickly got to know them and we all began talking. Delena(I thought from that very moment)was very attractive. But I noticed right away she was wearing a wedding ring. If I can remember right, she had on a purple shirt and gray dress pants. I even think she had a suit jacket on, but I can't remember.

Well we all began talking and I was staying away from flirting with Delena because of the ring. Then she began flirting with me! Suddenly she mentioned that she worked in the Jewelry Department at Sears and wore the ring to keep guys from hitting on her at work. The Door Opened! We began to flirt back and forth. The topic of cell phones came up and I at the time was selling cell phones so I began to sell her on a phone. As we all said good night, I gave her my number to call in case she wanted a phone and then decided to get hers to follow up. Just as I wrote her number, I realized, I NOW HAVE HER NUMBER!!! So, I said, "Maybe I will call ya sometime." She smiled and said it was ok if I did.

Well the rest is history, We went out a few times for about 2 weeks and then we started dating! 2 years later here we are.

I love her so much!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Delena made me look at rings!

Just when I thought I was safe. Delena makes me go look at rings! We went to a movie in the mall and walked by Morgan's Jewelers, she just wanted an idea I guess. I think I like the titanium rings better. Maybe two tone. If you look in the picture you will see Delena walking in front of me. She still has no idea I am doing this blog. Which is great, because she is sitting right next to me in the movie.

Well we are watching "The Wedding Date" which isn't to bad so far.

I guess Delena went looking at rings by herself at the gateway today as well. She says she has really expensive taste! She said she is glad I am picking it out and not her!

Well that is enough for now.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Do they do weddings there?

Delena and I are in church as we speak. I decided to download pictures of the St. George Temple on my phone to help pass the time. I showed her this one and she joking asked, "Do they do weddings there? If so we should book it." Once again I am reminded why I love here! She is so cute.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Memories

Today is my birthday! Delena gave me a wonderful Portable DVD Player. I am really excited to use it. She also got us some great Jazz tickets for tonight. Surprise that is where we are right now! I am posting this from my Cell Phone. I am sure Delena thinks I am just playing on it, she gets really bugged when I play on my phone all the time.
On the drive down here Delena and I got into a conversation about one time we were going to go look at rings. Apparently there was a huge mis-communication and we never went. As we were walking towards a restaurant in the Gateway, I pulled her into a J. Brooks Jewelry store. She was so excited! We spent about 20 minutes in the store and she looked at a lot of different rings. She really likes the silver sold bands, thick ones at that. She also made mention to really liking the marquee cut. Delena also should a little interest in a wedding band. This gives me some great ideas of what to do and where to go. I have yet to go up to Farr's but I think I will this week.
Well, Delena was very happy and it made for a good birthday, Thanks Delena!

Here is a picture from the Jazz Game

The Jazz are playing fairly well considering the Hornets suck! I think that Jazz are going to win! Our seats are pretty good, front row of the second bowl. Delena has never been to a real NBA game before so she is very excited. We are having a great time. Thanks Delena for the Tickets.! If only she knew that I as doing this website for her. I am so excited for us to get married and have fun like this every night.