Thursday, January 27, 2005

Looking at Rings

Well I am excited to start this web blog so everyone can see how Delena and I's wedding plans are coming a long. Right Now Delena doesn't know I am writing on this site. I will try and keep it updated so after we are engaged she can go back and see how my planning has come along.

I have been Saving money now for about 6 months to help pay for the wedding and a nice ring. In reality, all I want is for her to feel like a Queen, (one would say a princess, but Delena deserves more than that). Two days ago I went to Belliston's Jewelry in South Ogden and talked with them about the different diamonds, rings, bands, etc. I am pretty sure I know what Delena likes, but I think I will need to take her out a few more times. I still want this to be as much of a surprise as possible.

It is amazing all the different sizes and of diamonds and how one little thing can change the whole price. I have received a lot of advice to stay away from the Mall, Delena herself knows this because she worked at Sears Jewelry. They, the mall, mark things up like 20% to 30%. I have received some good advice to go to Farr's Jewelry. Apparently they are willing to match or beat any price. If you have any more advice feel free to send it my way.


Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Wedding Talk

This weekend Delena and I went to her brother, Brandon's wedding. It was a great time.

The reception turned out to be very nice and Delena's mother, Jody, did a fantastic job. We were very surprised at the number of people that asked us about our wedding! I mean come on, it is Brandon and Brooke's. We shrugged them off with our usual excuses. I came up with a new one about waiting for the China Temple to be built and dedicated, but nobody thought it was funny. I learned me lesson on that one.

After everything was said and done, we did get to talk to Delena's parents a little about our feelings. We are pushing for a summer wedding and colors of Light Pink and Blue. Later that evening we spoke to my parents as well and began the dreaded conversation of money. We told them we wanted to help pay on both sides of the wedding. They were very responsive and I could tell my mom was excited to finally talk about it.

We are learning a lot about the wedding process, Delena and I don't want to rush it, we want it to be very special.

Finally, Delena and I have made some Savings goals that could put us in good shape for a summer wedding. I really think we could have about $400 to $500 for each side of the wedding. But we will see.

I will tell you one thing! This is getting a little nerve racking, but I am excited at the same time.