Thursday, February 07, 2013

boy and girl

  This pregnancy has been way different!   From 6-14 weeks I was really sick and lost like 10 lbs, for me this is very unusual.   At 11 weeks I had some bleeding and the Doctor found a small tear in one of the placentas.  So I was put on strict bed rest just a few days before Christmas.  Three weeks later the tear looked better and I was allowed to be up and about, carefully.  So Ben and I decided to go out on our first date in quite a while.  We went to see a movie, nothing crazy, and in the middle of the movie I felt a very bad feeling of blood gushing out of me.  We rushed to the emergency room.  I was in no pain but there was just so much blood that I really thought this was it.  I thought I was going to say goodbye to my baby's.  But the ultrasound showed 2 healthy baby's A boy and a girl!!!    And the problem that caused the bleeding was with the other placenta being to low, not covering the cervix but close enough to it to cause some pressure and make it bleed.  So I spent a week on hospital bed rest at 15 weeks.  I am still on bed rest but am so glad to be home.  I am 18 weeks now.  We are hoping that as the uterus grows the Placenta will grow up with it and be out the danger zone.  So far this has been the case and I am now on partial bed rest.   

  One of the things I love about El Salvador is that most everyone here has so much faith in God, no matter what religion. and everyone WANTS to talk about it!  I had a great talk with my Doctor about God's love and having faith in him when there is so much uncertainty.  I love that this came from my doctor.  And  when I thought I was losing these baby's that night I turned my thoughts to my Heaven and accepted it.  I was given an amazing priesthood blessing.  And  felt calm. We have a long way to go, I didn't know then and I don't know now what will happen, but I am happy, I am full of hope, and I know my Savior lives! I am thankful for this time in my life of baby's and blessings and amazing friends and family.   I had so many visitors while in the hospital, people from the ward and Focus that I would never expect!  It was amazing! I am so thankful to be surrounded by so many wonderful people!  It has been easy to keep a smile on my face because I have so much time right now to count my many, many, blessings! 

  My husband has been so amazing through all this!   Starting from when I was so sick, he started to make the kids lunches and take them to school so I could get my bearings. He sits on the bed and sings and plays guitar for me,  He calls throughout the day to check on me and just to talk to me which is so wonderful when the days are so long.  I know he is so very busy but he shows his love by taking that time to make sure I am comfortable.  He is the best choice I have ever made! My bed rest buddies! 

Watching movies and reading stories all day was fun... for a few days.  Thank goodness they have had lots of play dates too! 
Playing games with mommy in her hospital bed. 
15 week belly shot
Happy boys no matter what! I love them!
 Here is the 18 week belly shot, almost halfway and already running out of breathing room. 
So glad they are healthy and growing!! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

2 kids for the price of one pregnancy!

   It's no secret the Marklands like a good deal but this is the best one yet in my opinion!!  We are expecting twins in July!

I went to the Doc and Ben stayed home with the boys, so when he asked me how it went, this was the look on his face.   (pretty sure he is running the numbers)

Photo: This was the look on Bens face when I told him about the twins. I love you Ben! you are an amazing Father!

   Joseph and Dallin are super excited! Joseph was asking for connect four for Christmas and then changed and decided he needs a six player connect four so that everyone in our family can play.  He is always tickling my belly hoping to hear the baby's laugh.   Sometimes when Dallin and I are snuggling he gets scared and scoots away because he doesn't want to squish the babies.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


   A big part of any culture is the food, so here is "the food" post, I  really like El Salvadoran food and just to be clear it is not like Mexican food.  Yes tortillas, but even that is made a little differently here.
let me show you.
           If you ask for a quesadilla here this is what you will get.  The only way I know how to describe it is that it is the texture of cornbread but tasted like cheesecake. It's yummy!

What is that and how do you eat it?  Is something I say a lot.  I can't remember the name of the  "spiky strawberries"  but the green stuff is called loroco, its actually a flower bud, it is used to flavor dips, spreads, cheese and salad.   

Why we only have one flavor of Tang in Utah, I don't know but seriously,  move over cool aid!!

Honey so fresh there is still a bee in it. 
(If you buy it in the street it is sold in a vodka bottle.)

This is a Zapote. Yummy! I made a bread out of this and it was really good!
video here:

coconut candy on the plate, peace corps made pineapple, passion fruit, and strawberry jams.  And a jar of bee pollen.

Chicken, chicken, everywhere!   They use every part of the chicken including the feet I tried chicken feet soup, not my favorite but I can say I tried it.

You can not talk about El Salvadorian food without the pupusa.  A pupusa is a tortilla stuffed with beans, cheese, and if you choose meat, or if you are my kids, just a tortilla with cheese inside.  And a cabbage salad on top with a super yummy tomatoe salsa dressing. 

Fresh fish at the beach, with a side of massive stomachache.

And for today's grand finale... corn flavored ice cream!  Avocado I can get behind, chicle, my kids love, but corn?   I love you anyway El Salvador!!

Monday, May 14, 2012


  Better late than never right? This year we were able to witness Semmana Santa in El Salvador. Joseph's school had a Easter egg hunt and we went to the U.S. Embassy egg hunt. Other than that no eggs no bunny's no chicks no springtime. But we still managed to have fun. Hahaha!
We went to see the alfombras (carpets) in the streets in Antigua Cuscatlan. They are made of sawdust and colored salt.  A...mazing!
Joseph and Dallin really wanted to help, not a chance this is serious business. And yes if you look closely Judas is hanging from the telephone wire.
Our tour guide, Melanie, I love this girl!

 Pupusa Break!!
 This is the moment we have all been waiting for, the procession.  The "body of Christ" is in this casket and there was a whole parade of  disciples behind it.  I choose to remember Christ in a different way but I was touched by the dedication this takes.  


This is an El Salvador birthday tradition that we have now adopted as a new Markland family Easter tradition.   The boys had a blast smashing the eggs.  A bit messy but totally worth it.  

 Joseph's school celebrated a traditional North American Easter egg hunt.  Ummm... when did he become such a stud?? 

Our beloved Paz made us some traditional Semana Santa food.   These are Torejas, kinda like french toast but made with a sweet bread/cake and soaked in a sugarcane cinamon mixture.   I loved it!!   But it was too sweet for Ben and too different for the boys,  so I got the whole bowl to myself. finger lickin'  good!
We also had ayote en Miel, which is like sweet potatoes in a sweet spicy glaze. Remo lacha (baked beets and veggies)  We had fish, dried super smelly fish.  woah!! way too strong!! I could taste it for days  and I only had one bite.
and last but not least Tres Leches!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

From Thursday to Beach in 2 hours flat!

Today Ben called me to ask if I had anything going on the next 2 days Usually when he does this he is making sure its ok if he is M.I.A. for said days. Not this time!!! I had nothing but normal pick up drop off routine going on. When he said he had reservations for us at the beach and I had one hour to get ready I was all about it! I love surprises! And the fact that we live close enough to a beach to do that, surreal, totally surreal!

The sound of my children squealing in anticipation as a wave gets closer and then laughing when it knocks their littleness over is a very good sound.

When Ben gives me that look with his smile that's lights up my world surrounded by one of mother natures greatest wonders I think wow! What a blessed girl I am!

Life has been so busy for Ben here. I am so glad he decided to come up for air today! (although he tells me this is it from Monday to June). Today life is good! Thanks for the surprise Superman!

Friday, March 02, 2012

Joseph lost his first teeth!

Joseph has had 2 loose teeth for a few days. Well, today at school they both came out! The nurse even put the teeth in a little tooth necklace to bring home. I guess he is not the first one to lose a tooth at school. I am a little sad we did not get to witness this grand event but I'm not sad I did not see the blood. Joseph reports there was a lot on the towel his teacher used. Hahaha! He has a very strong stomach. He thinks shots tickle.
I am totally unprepared to suddenly have a child who can tie his shoes and have a visit from The tooth fairy. Somehow, I feel more official as a mother now. I didn't realize I didn't feel that official. Sometimes it just hits ya.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Joseph turns 5!

My sweet little Joseph boy turned 5 last month! We are so happy to have him in our family he is a very special kid. Joseph has been such a good sport with the move to El Salvador. He left his home his grandparents his cousins and friends and he took it all in stride. He even helps comfort his little brother about it when he has a hard time.
A couple of weeks ago we had a rough day in this Markland home nothing seemed to be going right, the kids were out of control the house was a mess and then Ben and I started arguing about something. Joseph came up to us and said, "guys I think we need to say a prayer". After the prayer I apologized to everyone for letting myself get so crazy and Joseph said "mommy it's ok we said a prayer and now you are forgiven." thanks for being strong when I was weak Joseph.
He is the peacemaker among his friends and he makes friends easily. His teacher says he plays with the Spanish speaking children very well. So brave! Translating into Spanish doesn't seem to be a problem.
Yesterday Joseph showed me something he had made out of bend-ables. I was impressed and told him he was very creative. He was so excited he kept saying it over and over again "I am very creative!" sometimes he can be a little too creative and he can talk circles around me to the point I get so flustered I start to think maybe he is right and I am wrong. And then I realize he wants me to relieve him of any responsibility for his actions and I remember who is supposed to be the parent. He gets this gift from his father who would be a great cult leader because he can make you think that the sky is the ground without even running out of breath.
Joseph had a pool party for his birthday this year. Being a February baby this may never happen again.
A party tradition here is to have an eggshell filled with confetti and crack it on someone else's head. First you must find it and then you can crack it and watch the confetti fly. It was super fun!
I love my Joseph!